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Advice on What to Consider When Viewing a Property

As the global economic crisis continues to impact the housing market in the United Kingdom there has been a sharp rise in the number of people looking to both rent out property and move into rental property. Due to the constantly dropping house prices homeowners are finding it difficult to sell on their properties. As such many of them are opting to instead rent them out while they ride out the worst of the economic downturn. Because of this the people who are looking for property to rent have more choice than ever and end up viewing a large number of properties. It is important when viewing property to make sure that you remain objective rather than make a snap decision based on one or two positive or negative elements (that are often easily remedied). This article will give some advice on what to consider when viewing a property.

The first thing to consider is the location of the flat. Before even looking inside it is important to survey the surrounding area. Check into crime rates in the area and make sure that the building has all of the necessary security features. It is also worth considering what amenities are nearby: shops, restaurants, bars, doctors, etc. If the property is in a busy location it is also worth thinking about noise pollution. If there are a lot of bars in the area there will likely be a lot of noise around closing time or if a football stadium is nearby Saturday afternoons could prove very loud and busy. Finally consider whether the transport links (both roads and public transport) will serve all of your needs.

Once you enter the property the first step is to look for any obvious problems, and in particular that there is no damp. It is also worth checking that all of the power outlets work and how well insulated the property is (as this can have an effect on heating bills). It is vital that any faults are noted before you move into a flat as otherwise you could potentially be deemed eligible and consequently lose your deposit. It is also important to ensure that the taps and shower all function properly, and if not request that they are fixed prior to moving in.

The final area to look into before committing to renting a property is that it meets all the necessary local standards. These are standards for fireproofing/fire alarms etc. It is also worthwhile to check the security (both quality of locks and alarms) as these can have an impact on insurance prices.

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