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7 Keys To Reducing House Clutter

The idea and concept, of reducing the clutter, and paying attention to straightening out one’s house, on a regular basis, is certainly not, a new idea, but rather has often been referred to, in terms, such as Spring Cleaning. Whether merely to provide you with a happier, more fulfilling, experience, as a homeowner, or preparing, to sell your home, it’s essential to pay attention, to de – cluttering your home, and the best way, to do so, is to avoid waiting until it’s a mess, or becomes a big job, but, rather, by doing so, on a regular, organized basis. With that in mind, this article will review 7 keys to reducing clutter, focusing on when one decides, it’s time to sell his home.

1. Line of sight; curb appeal; first impressions: Are there, toys, lawn furniture, etc, all over the place, in a disorderly, distractive manner? If that’s the first thing a potential buyer sees and observes, what do you believe, will be his first impression, especially, as it relates to, his perception of how the house, was maintained and looked – after? After every usage, return these items, to their proper locations, so the overall appearance, is, of a neater, well – cared – for, home!

2. Family pictures: Of course, it’s normal to love your family, and want to have pictures, etc, all around, but, it’s important, to realize and recognize, these may be, both distractions, as well as potential safety issues, when they are all over the place. Put away these momentos, and de – clutter, and neaten, so the house, may be viewed, in the best possible light!

3. Personal items: Remember, you want to have your home viewed by as many, potential, qualified buyers, as possible and reasonable, and therefore, it makes no sense, to keep personal items, in visible locations, if you hope to, neither risk theft, or other damage! It also must be understood, you want to let others in, but you don’t want to make the space, look smaller, or unattractive, because of distractions and unnecessary clutter!

4. Furniture/ fixtures: Follow the philosophy, Less is More! Put away in storage or other out – of – the – way locations, unnecessary furniture and/ or fixtures. This is a way to do, a form of staging the home, to maximize its appeal! Make sure your fixtures are clean, neat and well – maintained!

5. Kitchen and bathrooms: Don’t leave dishes in the sink, or out on the counter, but, rather, return them to the cabinets. Look at the inside of your cabinets, and make them less cluttered. Remove all the magnets, etc, from the refrigerator, and make sure it is clean and neat! Put the pots and pans away, rather than leaving them, on the stove – top! Remove many of the items from your bathroom, and hide medications, and items, which you have accumulated, there!

6. Living room: Remove excessive furniture, and any toys, games, or unnecessary items from your living room, and dining areas. You want this area to be a positive, motivating, asset, rather than a distraction!

7. Bedrooms: Since you never are certain, when a potential buyer, will want to view the house, make sure the beds are always neatly made, and the excess items, are removed, and the overall impression, is one of a well – maintained, neat home!

If you hope to sell your house, let it be viewed, in the best possible light, and to its potential! These 7 keys, should be a good beginning!

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