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5 Ways to Improve the Value of Your Property Without Spending Much Money

There are many small improvements that can be made to a property to increase its value tremendously! Here are five great ideas.

1. Paint! This is a great way to make your house stand out from the others around it. A fresh new coat will give it a clean cut look that any potential buyer or tenant is looking for. And when choosing a paint color, don’t just choose the cheapest. Use sound judgment in your choice of contemporary colors or appropriate colors for the age and style of the house. Make sure that you don’t just paint everything the same color either. Use contrasting colors on the window frames, doors, and shutters.

2. Change the mail box! This is a simple fix but can pay big dividends. It is part of creating curb appeal. You want to draw the buyer or tenant toward the house not drive them away. Mail boxes are usually made of cheap material which can deteriorate quite quickly. Reinstalling a sturdy plastic box seems to be the best choice over metal boxes which can dent and rust. Sticking the house numbers on the new box is also a plus

3. Landscape! There are many simple things outside the house in terms of landscaping that can be done to draw potential tenants or buyers to your property. The first thing that can be done is to dig some beds in the front of the house and around the perimeter and throw down some mulch. Then, plant some good looking shrubs or small trees like barberries or spirals next to the front steps. Plant them in some type of symmetrical order to maintain the neatness of the property. Flowers can also be planted in those areas like bulbs along the side of the house or various types of flowers among the shrubbery in the front. Keep the grass cut and looking neat. Fill in bare spots with soil and seed and keep moist to make sure it will take root. A manicured lawn can work wonders!

4. Install a garbage disposal in the kitchen sink! Years ago, it may have been considered a luxury to have one but these days more and more people are wondering how they could do without one. Again, you are thinking about an addition that costs a small amount relative to the return it will generate with a potential buyer or tenant.

5. Install a dishwasher! Again, as with a garbage disposal, a dishwasher is now a modern convenience that few know how to get along without. If your property does not have one, you can install one fairly inexpensively. This in turn will attract potential tenants or buyer at a much higher rate, you will be able to depreciate this asset so it creates a tax benefit, and the general value of your property will rise.

Following these five tips will definitely help ad value to your property. You must think about the value added when performing these tasks. If you take this advise, you will not be disappointed at the value it will create and your potential buyer or tenant will be to choose your property over another.

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