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5 Tips On How to De-Clutter Your Home By Adding Smart Storage Spaces

The easiest was to maximize your home’s storage space is to make it easier to de-cluttered by building in new smart storage spaces. Here are five tips to help you get started and utilize your handyman skills right at home.

1) A Storage Chest That Doubles As Furniture

You can gain valued storage and a attractive piece of furniture all at the same time. With plenty of storage and sufficient style to be a free-standing unit, especially if you build one, with box-joint construction that ties in to your existing furniture with a finishing color or wood stain. Then you can retire those plastic bins to the attic, or somewhere out of sight.

2) Window Seats Double For Seating And Storage

Window seats provide a place to snuggle in for relaxing, reading or napping with a view to the outdoor world. Window seats add style to any room in the house, with the bonus in created with built-in storage underneath. Use it to store your magazine advertisement for purchase ideas, afghans for winter warmth, photo albums for family times of reminiscing together, or what-ever you need to keep handy and yet remove from eyesight to eliminate that cluttered-home look.

3) Double Tier Hanging Rods In Your Clothes Closet

Without a carpenter’s help, do-it-yourself homeowners can easily convert empty spaces in clothes closets to more hanging room. You may function more a at premium if you dedicate only two-thirds of your closet to hanging rods, by mount two of them, one just above eye level for longer garments, and one a 3 or 4 feet up to accommodate shorter (or holdable) clothing items. Use the remaining two-thirds of your closet space to incorporate built in drawers or shelves for items like sweaters and jeans, that don’t need to be hung.

4) Double Functioning Tool Storage Unit And Table

Homeowners are often juggling the demands of work and family. Your hours at home accomplishing home maintenance are much easier when your tools are well-organized for DIY projects. Build a tool-storage bench that doubles as a work surface table top.

5) Add Additional Storage Space Under Basement Stairs

While not every home has a basement, those that do often have perfect unused spaces to add valuable organized storage areas. Many times the basement stairwell goes unused, however, it is wonderful spaced for seasonal items, like Chris tams decorate ions, toys you are keeping for guests with children (or your own grandchildren), or project supplies, such as crafts or sewing materials.

Most homeowners think in terms of knee to eye level, but remember that for less-often used items, Don’t forget spaces above your head and at your feet (for example, over the panty door shelving, under-bed shelving). There are many great places to add smart storage spaces with a little imagination and few handyman skills.

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