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5 Reasons to Love Our Master Planned Communities

Houses in a planned community have a unique history and place in the American housing market. Going as far back as 1565, the earliest city in the nation, St. Augustine, Florida, started off as a township planned around the most efficient use of community resources. Since the humble beginnings, many other city planners are working to plan the use of resources to give citizens a greater quality of life.

By increasing the access to many social services, such as waste collection, utilities, and green spaces citizens find their lives easier. Since they are supported by a carefully planned network of service providers, these homeowners live a life free from worry. Here are five reasons you will love your new home in one of the best master planned communities.

1. Greater Land Area

Perhaps the best reason to move into a planned community is for the massive availability of space. Typically, one of these communities will cover a massive land area. Because of the abundance of space, the community can offer extensive options for recreation, such as golf courses, parks with hike and bike trails, and even water features like lakes. This allows homeowners to live the healthy and active lifestyle they have always dreamed of living.

2. Access to Commercial Centers

Successful communities will have easy access to retail shopping, grocers, and other commercial amenities to provide community members with every material good they could ever possibly want. Most communities integrate residential and commercial sectors, making access to high quality foods, consumer goods, and other amenities as easy as crossing the street.

3. Access to Jobs

One of the most difficult aspects of planned communities is economic development, for this reason, many planned communities are found on the outskirts of large, growing cities, with ample public transportation to minimize the cost and stress of commuting. When searching for the site of your next home look for communities near large centers of industry that match your set of professional skills.

4. Multiple Builders to Choose From

Since these communities do often encompass a large area of land, many planners are required to hire multiple builders to develop the land. This has an unintended benefit of providing prospective homeowners a greater variety of builders and styles so they can achieve a custom-built house to suit their wants and needs in terms of the perfect lifestyle.

It is well known that our homes reflect who we are, in a planned community your home can be the perfect safe haven for your family or the perfect meeting place for your friends. When you select a site, you can choose from multiple floor plans, lot sizes, architectural and landscaping styles, and most importantly, pricing options to achieve the perfect home for you and your loved ones.

5. Greater Freedom

All of these factors allow community members a life of greater freedom and enjoyment. Imagine waking up every day to jog around the community lake or down idyllic tree-lined streets. Imagine knowing your children will attend one of the safest, highest performing schools in the nation. Imagine having immediate access to health care. Imagine being within walking or biking distance from your every need. Regardless of age, these communities allow you to live the lifestyle that previously only existed in your dreams.

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