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5 Benefits Of Home Ownership

Why is owning a home, of one’s own, so often, referred to as an essential component of, the American Dream? Before one commits to the realities of home ownership, and considers, the challenges, realities, and necessities, it would be wise, to also, seriously consider, what it also represents, to many of us, personally, and in a positive, motivating manner. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly consider, review, and discuss, 5 positive things, owning a home, of one’s own, represents, and means, to so many of us.

1. Pride in ownership: We are usually, eventually, making a personal connection, with where we live and reside! It’s usual, to feel proud, of where we live, but, perhaps, even more importantly, it’s about merely having, the opportunity, to live, the essential component of the American Dream. Why each person is proud, and what it means to them, is often, personal, but, where we reside, often shows and says, quite a bit, about us!

2. Owning versus renting: We have to live somewhere, so why does it mean, so much, to so many, to own, rather than rent? Perhaps, it says, we are succeeding, in some way! Maybe, it represents a new phase, in our lives, and doing something for the future. Or, it might be, we become tired of simply, paying another bill, as opposed to enhancing our financial assets?

3. Permanent status: Sometimes, when we rent, it seems, we are pursuing a temporary situation, but once, we acquire our own place, it often, represents, a sense of a permanent status, and achievement! Most people have the need, to satisfy, both, their logical needs, as well as emotional ones!

4. Finances: We can’t look at home ownership, without considering finances, and financial ramifications, planning, and preparation. There is a need for commitment, and personal vision, to prepare to purchase a home, plus a degree of wisdom, and judgment, to make the best possible, personal decision. Often, the difference between being a happy homeowner, and a stressed one, is, reducing unnecessary stresses and tensions, by learning, discovering, considering, and planning, properly, to proceed, in the wisest personal manner.

5. Asset: For most people, their house represents their single, biggest, financial asset. Therefore, doesn’t it make sense, to proceed, with wisdom, judgment, and quality planning and preparation?

Do you, either own a house, or hope to (or consider), doing so, in the future? The more you know, the better, the experience will be!

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