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5 Basic Ways To Make Your House A Home

We’ve all heard, at one time or another, the adage, A house is not a home. As a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson, in the State of New York, for over a decade, I have noted that while most potential buyers, say they are going house – hunting, sellers generally refer to the process as selling their home! Why would anyone want to simply live in some inanimate house, when they can create an experience, which represents them, their preferences, lifestyle, etc, and transform it to a home? In many instances, it merely requires a little soul – searching, so you might discover what is most important and relevant to you, and personalizing the scenario, while still living within a budget, as most of us must! Let’s review 5 basic ways, to make a house, your home.

1. Take care of it: Take pride in home ownership. Don’t wait until something goes wrong, or becomes a major issue! Rather, proactively maintain the house, in an organized, thoughtful manner. You’d be amazed how much better most people feel, when their house receives a fresh coat of paint, or a Spring cleaning, etc! Create and utilize a maintenance schedule, that includes both the interior and exterior. Try to calculate how often certain things should be done, as opposed to must be! Most people would like to, but they fail to plan, and then don’t do what they know they should, because of finances. I recommend creating a personal maintenance and repair fund, which you contribute to on a regular basis (either weekly or monthly). This amount should be based on your anticipated maintenance costs. Doesn’t that make sense?

2. Respect it – it will respect you!: Close your eyes and think about being your house. I realize this is a stretch, for many people, but I recommend doing this, because then, you can more easily perceive of how you’d feel, if houses had people – like, feelings! If you want to minimize your exposure to many of the avoidable major/ expensive repairs, do the preventive maintenance, consistently!

3. Serve you purposes/ convenience: How can you personalize the home, so it better serves your personal needs? In doing so, avoid making changes which might negatively impact any future sales price, but consider rooms, furnishings, windows, access, etc, as conveniences. If you aren’t happy, you’ll never make any house, your home!

4. A place for everything: Avoid the lazy tendency to avoid putting things away, but rather create well – considered storage areas and conveniences. When one lives in a neat house, he becomes closer to considering it, a home!

5. Colors; walls; decorating: My wife has always liked using colors, to accent doors, windows, etc. I always thought it was somewhat quirky, until a couple of years, reading several articles about how colors on doors, and around windows/ shingles, etc, makes a house warmer, and more appealing. While you might be tempted to over – reach, when selecting colors for interior walls, you are better off, using color to make a house warmer, and more attractive/ appealing. What will you do, in terms of interior decorating, to personalize your home?

You’re living there, so why not make your house, a home? Doing so, will enhance your enjoyment significantly!

Richard has owned businesses, been a COO, CEO, Director of Development, consultant, professionally run events, consulted to thousands, conducted personal development seminars, for 4 decades, and a Licensed RE Salesperson, for a decade+. Rich has written three books and thousands of articles. Website: [http://PortWashingtonRealEstateOffice.com] and LIKE the Facebook page for real estate: