4 Simple Tips For a Quick Home Sale

It was only as recently as 3 years ago that many homes on the market were selling in matter of days. But with the shift in the economy that has changed. Homes are staying on the market longer and buyers have more homes to choose from, so it is essential that you do everything to put your home in a position that is right for a quick sale. Here are a few simple things you can do that will position your home for a quick sale.

1. Declutter-Make sure you have a minimum amount of items in your home. If it is personal, pack it up for your move. The buyer wants to be able to picture their items in the home. Not only is getting rid of excess items necessary, it is important that everything be clean. People do not want to look at your dust. If you show a home that is cluttered an unclean, they will wonder what else you did not maintain.

2. Complete Repairs-People want to move into a home that is move-in ready. However minor, they do not want to have to fix it. Even if the repair is not major, buyers will begin making mental price reductions for the fact that they are going do repairs before they can move in. It will be well worth the time and money to make sure everything is in good working order.

3. Stage the Home-Staged homes sell quicker. People have an easier time picturing their own processions in the space, if there is furniture already in the space. Wall colors should be neutral. It would be a good idea to update lighting and other small fixtures. In most cases you will get all your money back and then some on new paint and minor updating. Furniture staging can often be done with items that you already own.

4. Price it Right-You can do all of the above things, but if you have overpriced your home you will not have a quick sale. Proper pricing for the area and the market is critical when it comes to a quick sale. Would you rather price your home so it will sell next week or price it higher and pay the mortgage for the next six months while you wait on a sale.

Despite the market, you can still sell your house quickly. It all depends on having everything in place to attract the correct buyer. Following the above tips will allowing you to put it on the market properly prepared for a quick sale.

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