4 Repairs You Should Make Before Selling Your Home

Selling your home can be a daunting task. Preparing your home for sale can be very time-consuming and, in some cases, very expensive. Most often, a few repairs or renovations will be worth that time and effort and help sell your home quickly and at top dollar. The bottom line is you want your home to look clean, modern, and fresh and any work you put into your home can pay big dividends. These improvements are a must before selling your home.


Depending on the age of your home, you may have some flooring issues. Wood floors seem to be the hot item these days. If you have any missing pieces, gouges, etc., make sure to attend to those. You may want to sand and refinish your wood floors to give them that new shine and luster. Neutral color carpeting is best for re-sale and carpeting is relatively cheaper than other types of flooring. Consider replacing or repairing any trouble spots. Make sure the carpets have been cleaned professionally.

Paint Ceilings & Walls

A fresh coat of paint can make your home appear brand new. Prospective buyers will be staring at your ceilings looking for signs of leaks. Use neutral colors – something such a light tan, for example. Painting the ceilings and walls can cover up any stains or markings that have accumulated through the years. Make sure to hit every room in your house. Covering up your daughter’s pink room might be a good idea.

Foundation Repair

Check your foundation for any signs of cracks or damage. Should you find any cracks, call a professional to take care of them immediately. Any foundation issues can scare away potential buyers. A sinking basement floor would also be an indication of foundation issues. Any problem with a foundation must be identified and addressed as soon as possible.

Kitchen & Bathroom Faucets & Fixtures

People spend an inordinate amount of time in their kitchens and their bathrooms. Kitchen and bathroom remodels can return almost 100% on the sale of a home. With that in mind, a prospective seller should take the time to identify any problems with the kitchen and bathroom or bathrooms. Check all faucets and fixtures and replace or repair any broken or damaged items. With your fresh coat of paint on the ceiling and walls, new faucets and fixtures will make your kitchen and bathroom look like new. Prospective buyers will take notice and it may help to expedite your sale.

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