4 Reasons to Start Flipping Houses TODAY!


Having a real estate investing business can be one of the most enjoyable and fulfilling experiences EVER. Could you imagine running a business while out of town on vacation? How you ask? Having systems in place make it where your business is on auto pilot. I’m talking about SMOOTH sailing.

Having virtual assistants handling different tasks that are time consuming, free you up to do stuff like; work on that new invention, spend time with the family or just go to Hooters to see some FOOTBALL. Yea that’s what we go for. Football and wings.

I’m constantly moving around going to Star Bucks, Barnes & Noble and any other place with that oh so sweet wi-fi.

All you really need is a cell phone, a laptop, a system in place and a strong team of VA’s, agents, other investors and/or bird dogs.

Show me the money! (Tom Cruise’s voice)

Opportunity to make some money is there. Its sitting and waiting right there in front of you with your name on it. Flipping houses is simple ONCE you get your feet through the door.

You know; shake some hands; have some meetings at Star Bucks; hold some home owners hostage until they fork over the deeds to their homes.

I mean basically, it’s flip this house, flip that house, pick up checks, make deposits and have the bank tellers wanting to date you.


Aside from making all the money, having all the freedom and having unusually long convos with bank tellers, you really meet some amazing people in this business.

Take for instance a guy named Nathan “Stick Boy” Jurewicz. Just seeing him on the street, you would never think he’s a millionaire in real estate. Preston Ely also.

Don’t believe me; look them up on Facebook. Stick boy is the stick figure like dude with the Facebook logo dyed in his hair and Preston is the short muscle headed guy with red spikey hair in the back that rudely points at everyone all the time.

You get to meet some really cool people and not only do you get a chance to build great business relationships; you get to build friendships with like minded people and TRUST me; that’s a BIG plus!

Just tell all your friends your thinking about getting into real estate and count how many negative responses you get verses positive ones. Now go see…

There’s no better time than NOW!

Just like anything, taking on a new adventure in life is not always easy is going to take some real cahoonas. No time is better than NOW because life is never going to align perfect for you change it for the better. It rarely happens.

I suggest immersing your self into the business

  • Sign up to sites like this one (especially this one)
  • Go to REI meetings
  • Get advice from others in the business
  • Get involved with REI forums (the best is
    http://www.biggerpockets.com/users/DennisKnows”>biggerpockets.com )

Right now is the best time. There are home owners needing to sell, inherited homes that are just waiting, REO’s that have worn out their welcome on MLS and big fat checks waiting with your name on them.

*Just kidding about the holding home owners hostage and about Preston being rude.*

Don’t wait til tomorrow to learn how to flip homes! It’s a lot of money to be made in this real estate business and it’s not going to wait on you. Go to my Flip a house [http://dennisknows.com/learn-flip-house-dummies/] website and learn everything there is to learn about flipping homes for FREE….

and just so you know, the gurus are charging 1000’s for this info but not me…