4 Factors To Consider When Choosing Between Townhouses And Apartments

Choosing between apartments and townhouses can really be a tough decision to make. A townhouse is a special type of residential property that shares the same walls with another townhouse in the same row. It can either be single-storied or multi-storied.

Apartments can also be single-storied or multi-storied units that make up a whole building known as an apartment complex. Apartment units could either be situated next to each other or stacked on top of the other. The term “apartment” is used interchangeably with the term “condominium.” However, the latter term usually refers to more luxurious apartments that have a lot of amenities such as pools, parking areas, gyms, etc.

Townhouses and apartments have a lot of similar features actually. But which is better between these two options? The following are some factors that need to be considered:

• Ownership – When a person purchases an apartment, he only owns that particular unit and not the land on which it stands on. He could do everything he wants to do with the unit just as long as he follows the rules stated in the contract between him and the apartment complex owner. After all, he is not the only one who owns a unit in the apartment complex. On the other hand, if he purchases a townhouse, he could usually claim ownership over the house and the land, and he could do anything with his piece of land. For example, he is free to dig a hole just to construct a pool or plant trees.

• Cost – Townhouses are more expensive than apartments mainly because the lands on which the townhouses are built on are also included in the real estate transaction. That is why people who do not have enough cash usually find themselves in apartments rather in townhouses. Townhouse owners are members of the association for homeowners in their respective villages. Members of a homeowners’ association have to pay miscellaneous fees. They will have to contribute for the maintenance of common areas such as driveways, parks, and other facilities. Most apartments do not have common areas and that is why people do not have to consider paying for miscellaneous fees.

• Privacy – Townhouses are more private even if walls are being shared. Most walls have the ability to prevent noise from being transferred from one townhouse to another. On the other hand, apartments fail in privacy tests. The noise in one apartment unit could be easily heard in nearby rooms. In an apartment complex, a person will usually have to deal with the oral arguments of his neighbors next door, insensitive playing of musical instruments downstairs, and very irritating tap dancing noise from upstairs.

• Safety – Basically, both apartments and townhouses feature safety. Neighbors will easily notice if there are suspicious individuals lurking in near the house or unit of their fellow neighbors. Townhouses are established in exclusive villages and exclusive villages usually have security guards checking and patrolling all over that location. However, people who live in apartment complexes usually do not pay for security services and that is why they might be more prone to suffer from robbery and other crimes.

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