4 Factors in Selling Your Home

Looking to sell your home in this market? It simply takes Four Things-but unfortunately only two of which you have any control over. Let me explain.

This market continues to be challenging. I am seeing the higher priced home market come to a virtual standstill while the entry to moderately priced homes continue to languish on the market. What does it take to sell a home? We all know there is no magic bullet. Some homes are selling-but nowhere near the rate of just a few years ago.

I have the answer distilled down to Four Basic Tenets:

1) Location. This is crucial. If your home is situated in an undesirable location, it will be very difficult to sell. Buyers are now more particular than ever. They are looking for that perfect “no-excuses” home. If your location is not considered desirable or prime, then you will have a very difficult time selling your home. And the upsetting thing is that you can not change your location.

2) Floor Plan/Layout. If you have an unusual floor plan or an unpopular style home, this will likely not appeal to the masses. A unique or wasteful floor plan could be the death-knell of a property. You might find that buyer who can appreciate the home the way you did when you purchased it, however the pool of buyers is much smaller now and they can afford to be choosey. You are unlikely to change the floor plan/layout. Maybe at an expense, it might be feasible, but consider all aspects before undertaking such a commitment.

3) Condition. This you CAN change! You want your home to show in “tip-top” condition. Does it look good, smell good, and feel good? Are you able to engage all of the senses when that potential buyer walks through your home? Make it happen. So the upshot is – this you can change! Work at it and hopefully this will help to overcome items 1 & 2 above.

4) Price. Yes, you have control over the price. Come the end of the day – price will sell the home. This is not what you wanted to hear and I understand. Price can trump all three items above. So when you are looking to sell your home, first consider the three tenets above and then determine your price tolerance and motivation. Number 4 here represents your final “ace in the hole”.

Hopefully you will find these Four Tenets insightful in helping you to sell your home.

Good luck to you, the Seller!

Steve J Doyle

Broker-in-Charge with
http://newstonerealty.com”>NewStone Realty; Licensed General Contractor Chapel Hill, NC 27515