3 Ways to Sell Your House in 5 Days Or Less!

Today’s market is rough and without knowledge that can work in your favor for selling, you are at the mercy or outside factors. The truth is, you have POWER. If you need to sell fast, you can. What’s funny about home selling is we are not taught the first thing about houses. When it comes to real estate, we are told to always buy a home. What that does is open the doors for professionals (Realtors) to come in like vultures and make money off of you. They are “listing”, not truly selling, your property. You could do that. So let’s get down to the tips:

Tip #1. Weekend Auctioning

If you have heard of eBay, then you know what an auction is and how it works. The idea is: one person starts bidding on the property at their starting price. Another bids higher. This bidding goes on for as long as you can stand. The end result…SOLD!

Typically this round robin style of bidding is great for the person who truly wants to get the ‘best price the “market” is willing to offer today’. Is that to say it will be the price you want…only you can decide. In some cases, you can get better than the market is allowing in your area. This is due to emotion. The home buying experience should be emotionally driven and what you are creating is a buying frenzy! If Joe on your left is sweating in the face and Jill on your left is pacing back and forth, you are selling your house.

2. Lease Optioning

Want to sell fast but don’t have auctioning as a option because of time?


This term is thrown around a lot but the power it has is outstanding. Imagine this: You lose your job due to economic downturn from what you thought was security. You luckily find work in another town not close to where you live. You need to take it otherwise you will never have that option again. So you are against the clock to sell your house to go to the new town. Realtors will take too long because of price. Auctioning may not cover the mortgage payment. You need to sell quick with little hassle.


With a couple forms to create a leasing agreement tethered with an option to purchase, you created something that can guarantee you a sell you the price you want or income for life, what ever make you happy.



Yeah, I know. Truth be told, good-to-great investors are few and far. They can be found and when you find the right investor, you will know.

Investors are a great way to sell your house with little to no work on your part as they are interested in numbers, not how pretty your house is. They want a deal and if a deal is not there, a good investor will still not leave you high and dry. Remember, 5 days or less. Some investors advertise a quick turn around on buying houses but don’t say if they will write an offer to you. Someone can’t buy (or sell for that matter) if an offer isn’t in place. An investor that can give you an offer on the spot is serious. They want to move, like you.

When trying to find a good-to-great investor, are there any questions you need to ask? Not really. Again, they are looking at numbers. If they are worth their weight in gold, they will work to make the sell happen, not just talk. If I were to ask a question, I guess it would be…

Can you close in 5 days or less?

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