3 Tips to Selling a Smaller Than Average House

The seller’s market is a very diverse place. Here you can find a wide variety of home for sale. But what if what you’re selling is smaller than the average houses? Do you think that you’ll have the same advantage as other sellers who take advantage of the square footage offered by their big houses? Here are 3 tips to selling a smaller than average house.

Find and identify target market

The minds of many homebuyers might be fed by illusions created by the grandiose and luxurious houses featured on reality shows and TV dramas. But it doesn’t mean that smaller homes don’t have its own segment of dedicated buyers. There is a market for homes of this size. For instance, you can target single professionals who frequently love to change places. Retirees who cannot manage big houses are also potential buyers of smaller than average homes. Even couples not planning to raise kids are great audience to aim your target. There are certainly groups of people who need smaller homes to fit not only their budget but also their lifestyles.

Perform home staging tricks

No matter how small the square footage of your house is, it can look bigger through proper home staging. Take advantage of creating bigger spaces by moving and rearranging the furniture. Let natural light pass through the windows. It can also make a house look bigger. Dark-colored paints should be replaced with lighter and cooler tones. Remove things that would make the house unorganized and unclean to look at. Let the house undergo a decluttering process. Take away items that will tell homebuyers that their ideologies and preferences are not welcome. Create a sense of space in every aspect you can!

Highlight the selling points

Bigger houses are sold through its great space and size. These things are definitely not what will make a smaller home sell fast. You have to capitalize in its real selling advantages. Tell potential buyers that the house is relatively easy to maintain and clean. Because of its smaller size, utility bills will not be that large considering that there is little space to heat and cool. There are also limited spaces to illuminate. In case, there is a garden or lawn, it will also be smaller than the average sizes reducing the consumption of water in its maintenance.

By following these 3 tips, you are a step closer to selling a smaller than average home. In conclusion, the house should be ready for occupancy because many homebuyers are on a hurry to relocate. With this in mind, you should also be ready to move out of the house.

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