3 Tips to Get the Most Out of a Home Appraisal

Before deciding on a sales price for your home, get a home appraisal. This will provide the market value of the property, and it will also provide a reasonable foundation to determine your asking price. Here are a few tips to ensure the highest value possible for your appraisal.

Keep these tips in mind before you undergo an appraisal:

1. Presentation is everything.

The simplest but possibly most important task is to clear the house of clutter such as laundry, dishes, and walls filled floor-to-ceiling with pictures. Before the appraiser enters the house, fix any minor or major defects or blemishes found in the home. A new coat of paint is a great way to create a fresh and inviting environment. A large amount of natural light as well electrical lighting creates a welcoming space. Remember the appraiser evaluates your house through the buyer’s eyes.

2. Offer any additional facts about the house.

Many things, such as the neighborhood, factor into the value of your home. Research what houses are valued at around your neighborhood. This will help the appraiser in their estimate as well as give you a comparison of what you can expect.

3. Put your best foot forward

Appraisers can not inspect the entire house, so inform him or her about the most significant selling points about your house. Describe any recent home improvements indoors or outdoors. Home buyers today are concerned with saving energy, so energy efficient appliances and energy saving methods are a huge selling point.

If the first appraisal seems reasonably lower than expected, try another using a different company.

Josh Harmatz is the Chief Operating Officer for Voyage Financial Mortgage, Inc. and has worked in all capacities of the lending business throughout the last seven years.

An Honors graduate from the School of Business at Sacramento State with both a BS and an MBA, he believes his higher education is the cornerstone of his success.

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