3 Tips on Selling That Unattractive Property

If you have ever been caught in a situation where you are stuck with a property that needs work or major repairs then you may feel that you are stuck between a rock and a hard place. The truth of the matter is that you only need to see all your options and then you can make a wise decision as to what to do with that property. So here are three ways that you can sell that unattractive property without doing repairs and without putting any major cash into the property.

Number One – Get Creative With Your Financing

If you have a house that needs work and believe me there is somebody out there that would love to take that house and fix it up. The problem is that they may not have the money to fix the house up and to buy the house. So why not help them out by creating financing that helps them buy the house and then they can use their money to fix up the house. By offering owner financing you will attract a much larger group of buyers that will take a look at a house no matter what condition it is in.

Number Two – Trade Repairs for Credit

There are people out there that are completely willing to fix up your house if you can offer them something that they can use in return. For example, I have gotten contractors to do work on properties in exchange for a used pick up that I no longer wanted. I have gotten contractors to make repairs on properties in exchange for help with selling a property. In other words you can barter with a contractor to get work done. I have used this technique plenty of times and you are only limited by your imagination. After all you don’t get anything if you don’t ask.

Number Three – Rent the House to a Handyman in Exchange for Repairs

A house that needs repairs can still be rented to someone as long as they understand that the repairs must be completed before moving in if they cause an unhealthy living environment. Many handyman and contractors are looking for a place to live and would gladly trade their skill for a reduced rent. You may also find people who are not contractors but have family and friends that are contractors and they are willing to do the work for them for cheap or even free. After all, if you have had this property for some time and is just sitting there why not make a rental income from it and get the house fixed up at the same time.

Any of these techniques can be used on a property that needs work, or you can combine techniques so that you get maximum leverage with minimum effort on your part. Following any of these techniques will sell your house much faster than just sitting on it and listing it and hoping for the best.

Until next week…

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