3 Tips For When You Need to Sell Your Home Fast

To ensure that your home sells well in a buyer’s market, you must read these 3 tips for when you need to sell your home fast. To be in a seller’s market is very tricky. Speak to any estate agent and he’ll tell you that you can only get your price if your house sells within the first five weeks of listing it.

If it takes any longer to sell, you have to chip off the price a little.

Ensure that your price is right. Don’t quote an unrealistic price just because you want to sell your home fast, especially if you’re selling in a depressed market. Usually, home sellers make the mistake of pricing their homes far too high. But if you work with an estate agent, he will determine the price in your area and set the price just a little higher than that.

However, if you decide to go it without a broker, you can check out the right prices in your area by looking up websites like HomeGain and Zillow, or ask for an appraisal. You can also determine the right price for your home by checking the listings of recent sales on an online home valuation service, or your local registry of deeds, etc. Factor in the condition of your house, any additions you might have made but don’t expect to sell for a much higher price than that of your neighborhood.

Declutter your home. Clean your home, spruce it up as if you’re entertaining that day and remove as much unwanted stuff as you can. For example, have clear tabletops so that their surface area shows up immediately. Take off all family photos from the walls and shelves so that prospective buyers can picture their photos in the available space. You could also put away all unnecessary power strips, extension cords and electronics. Donate things you don’t really want, keep kitchen counters bare and if you still have too much stuff and nowhere to put it, rent a storage unit and dump all your things there.

Improve your home curb appeal. Work on your curb to make it look appealing to sell your home fast-in fact, better than any other in your area. For starters, you could do some or all of these:

You could trim the hedges and mow your lawn; paint doors, windows and walls in warm and neutral colors; replace blinds and drapes and give the exterior a coat of paint. Ensure that prospective buyers can read your house number clearly from the road.

If you’re serious about selling your home fast, do the above.

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