3 Tips For Producing Hot Online Leads

It’s uncommon in today’s world for a business to succeed without a website. That goes for any business whether you buy, sell, service, manufacture or even trade. People are looking to the internet first when they start searching for products and providers. However, the internet can be a faceless and impersonal place. This can be a challenge to people that provide person to person services; services that require trust, a rapport, a relationship. One such business is real estate. Real estate agents, unfortunately, sometimes have a bad reputation as being quick talkers that are not concerned about their clients needs. True or not, this is a feeling that pervades buyers and sellers minds as they begin to think about making the move to buy or sell a home. And since they are going to start their journey of buying or selling their home by looking on the Internet, they are often then met with impersonal agent websites that don’t do anything to gain their trust. It doesn’t have to be this way. For the first time, a savvy real estate agent can actually begin to build a trusting and open relationship with potential clients online before they even get a chance to talk to them. Real estate agents should rejoice in the opportunity that the Internet gives them to build trust and rapport with potential clients as well as the incredible lead generation opportunities. There are a couple of ways that real estate agents can use their websites to generate leads and start building trust with potential clients.

First, an agent can become an information provider. By offering useful and valuable information that their potential clients are looking for, the agent sets themselves apart. They are promoting themselves as an expert in their field that is looking to help people learn about the buying or selling process. The information that is offered needs to, of course, be something that people find worthy of giving up their contact information for. And this is where the lead generation comes in. When an agent offers a report such as “10 Tips You Must Know Before Selling Your Home Yourself”, on their website, they attract a specific group of people and generate a hot lead. They know that the person is looking to sell their home and that they are thinking about doing it themselves. A report that offers to share “The Secrets To Buying A Home In Your Area With No Money Down” is going to generate leads in a different market. The best way to create these lead capture websites is to keep them separate from a main website that offers all the other information about the agent, their listings, their services, community information, etc. The more specific to a particular market the site and it’s content is, the better for attracting hot leads. The idea here is to establish relationships with potential clients and start to build trust and rapport. By providing helpful information to them without high pressure sales tactics, you let them know that you are there to help them in any way that you can.

Another way a real estate agent can generate leads with their website is by combining call capture hotline technology with the technology of the Internet. There are 2 simple ways to do this. The Internet is a great place for agents to showcase their listings. They can show full color pictures of the property, virtual tours, neighborhood information, and more. To generate leads from this exposure, agents can provide their toll free call capture number with the extension for each property underneath the listings. That way, when a potential buyer is browsing listings on their site, it is easy for them to pick up the phone and get more information about the property. Call capture hotlines are going to capture at least the telephone number of the caller, and most providers also offer name and address capture. Another great tool that agents can use to generate leads online with their call capture hotline system is a feature that allows the online visitor to enter in their telephone number and have the agent’s system call them. Visitors are impressed when they enter their phone number into the form and the agent’s system calls them within seconds. When the visitor answers the call from the call capture hotline, the system can direct them to enter in a property listing extension, offer them a free report or even direct them to press a key to speak to the agent.

If a real estate agent is driving traffic to a website and is not using it to generate leads, it is a waste of time and money. By offering valuable information to potential buyers and sellers and establishing themselves as an expert willing to help, an agent can start to develop trust and at the same time generate leads in any number of markets. Integrating their call capture hotline with their website allows agents the opportunity to finally capture a larger percentage of the browsers on their sites. The Internet is one of the biggest lead generating tools available to real estate agents if they apply the right tactics and technology.

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