3 Things Potential Buyers Will Notice About Your House

Selling your house can be an exciting, yet stressful time. Before you contact a REALTORĀ®, be sure to have the basic tasks completed such as decluttering and depersonalizing. Think “model home” when you are prepping your house to be sold – less is more. Remember, how you live in a house and how you sell a house are two different things, at least for the time it takes to get your house sold.

The house looks good; you’re ready for showings. Welcome potential buyers! Not so fast. Here are three things potential buyers will notice about your house, guaranteed.

#1 Mold

Yes, mold no one likes it. Whether it be on window sills or your bathtub/shower caulk, buyers will notice it and most will be turned off. Properly cleaning and replacing moldy caulk is inexpensive and easy to do. This is a DIY fix for many people; however, if there is mold elsewhere such as walls or ceilings, contact a professional.

#2 Appliances

Remember, when someone buys your house he/she is buying the appliances too (usually excluding the refrigerator, washing machine and dryer). Potential buyers will open your oven and microwave, count on it. If they are dirty, fair or not, buyers are put off and some can’t get over it. If the appliances are older, all the more reason to make sure they are clean. Often times buyers can look past old, but it is much harder to look past dirty. Definitely put in a little time and elbow grease to clean all appliances before opening your house to others.

#3 General Maintenance

Dripping faucets, toilets that constantly run, burnt out light bulbs and rotted wood (interior and exterior) are indicators to potential buyers that the house may not be properly maintained. This is not the impression you want to give, especially if it’s not true. While most general maintenance items are DIY, others are well within the scope of your local handyman. Don’t defer maintenance on your home whether your thinking of selling it or not.

Unsightly mold, dirty appliances and deferred maintenance are small things that make a big impact on potential buyers. Utilize the expertise of your REALTORĀ® for guidance on making sure your house is ready to sell. Remember not to take his/her comments personally, as providing honest input is part of the job. Every day counts when your house is on the market. Don’t lose time or buyers due to these easily corrected items. Happy selling!

Susan Kennard, REALTORĀ® Keller Williams Frisco Stars

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