3 Sure Signs Your Real Estate Copywriter May Be Sabotaging Your Copy

Is your Real Estate Copywriter producing the results you need? If not, maybe you should take a look at the following tip sheet to ensure that your copywriter’s personality isn’t sabotaging your copy.

Here’s a quick list of 3 sure signs that might be seeping into your copy.


Clearly, insecure people create passive sites. If your copywriter is trying to please everyone, they will invariably please no one. You want a copywriter who can confidently claim, “This is who I am!” You want a real estate copywriter who is real, who knows and accepts who they are whether everyone likes them or not. Their copy stands out because they are authentic and doesn’t sit on the side waiting to be noticed.


Does your web copywriter speak too much about you or your business? If so, your copywriter is totally missing the point. Instead, your copy should be all about your prospect. It should concentrate solely on what your reader will receive from doing business with you. It’s all about the benefits my friend… and how you make your reader SEE and FEEL. The key word here is FEEL. An exceptionally gifted real estate copywriter emphasizes the benefits your reader will receive by creating imagery and feelings in your prospect. Any copywriter who brags about ‘your’ side of the story is completely missing the boat.


These types of real estate copywriters produce anxious, nervous results. They are neither passive or self-acknowledging. There’s no rhyme or reason and the message is noticeably missing. Generally, this type of copy depicts lack of credibility. You want somebody who calmly emphasizes the highly unique advantages and the major benefits of doing business with you. You want someone who can comfortably create the big picture, keep their interest for as long as possible so that they will invest in your services.

So, ask yourself, is my copy calm or chaos? Even more important… is it producing the results you want and how are you being perceived by your clientèle? Your copy is THE link to you converting at an optimum rate while maintaining your businesses integrity. Make sure your copywriter isn’t sabotaging your businesses image by asking your clients how they feel when they read your copy.

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