3 Reasons Why Home Auctions Work Best For Property Sellers

The real estate industry has not changed in many decades. Like many industries, it found something that (kind of) worked, and stuck with it for way too long. But now, with the rapidly growing impact the internet has had on real estate and beyond, an efficient and modern auction-style business model is beginning to take the residential real estate industry by storm – for non-foreclosed properties, believe it or not.

1. Generate more interest – The key factor in getting serious bids on the property you are selling is to attract attention, which creates buzz and competition among potential buyers in your market. Forget the old school Multiple Listing Service (MLS) as an end-all. We are talking about talk radio ads in your area, internet advertising campaigns, massive online syndication, and beyond. Compress this into a short 2 week time frame and be blown away at the insane attention you property draws.

2. Reduced stress and hassle – If you have ever experienced the long, drawn-out process of a traditional real estate listing, you will want to avoid it like the plague next time. We are talking about 6-12 month listings full of open houses where window shoppers trample through your house – and they aren’t even serious buyers. That, and all the other lovely details like lock boxes, slow and unmotivated real estate agents, and the list goes on. Bring this down to a high-energy 2 week listing ending in an auction, and be amazed at the ease.

3. Increased competition and market value – The idea of market competition is simple – supply and demand. Well you only have one home for sale, so what else can you do to increase competition? Shorten the listing window to just 2 weeks! When all your bidders show up on auction day to place their sealed bid, you will smile at the intensity of their determination to outbid each other. Not only this, but a 2 week auction is the fastest market valuation possible, no appraisals needed.

Ultimately, there truly is no risk involved with 2 week real estate auctions (for either the buyer or the seller), because if you are not satisfied with the bids your property receives by the final listing day, you can simply decide to proceed with a traditional listing after that point, and benefit from all the extra attention your home is now getting in your local market.

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