3 Original Real Estate Investment Methods to Sell Your House in a Recession

Due to the current state of the recession hit market there is a lot of uncertainty when someone wants to sell his house. With the bursting of the credit bubble, the financial institutions such as banks have stepped up their criteria for lending money due to the fear of bad debts. Therefore many people are being rejected their loan applications and are finding themselves short of the finance to buy property. But even in this climate there are still some people who are not affected by the current recession, though they may not be many in number but still they are there and they are eager to buy real estate due to the dip in prices. Now the question is how to target these people and how to get your message across to them. Following are some of the steps that can be followed to ensure that your message gets across to them.

Professional Opinion

Before you go out and advertise in the newspapers, you need to be aware of the true value of your house and in order to gage the true value you need to consult with a professional realtor who can tell you the true value of your home. This will enable you to get a true representation of your house value so that you do not under sell your home to the interested buyers. Also he may provide valuable tips on how to increase your house value by doing things such as repainting the garage and maintaining a presentable garden.


In this day and age the advertising plays the most crucial role in the selling of the product apart from the price. If your advertisements are getting through to your targeted buyers properly then the chances of a successful transaction increases. There are different ways to target different people, if you are targeting the younger demographic then you need to advertise extensively over the internet using social networking sites such as MySpace, Facebook and Twitter as younger people usually spend most of their time on the internet and therefore it is better to target them through the net. If you are targeting the older demographic or married couples then you need to advertise more in the newspapers and magazines as many people still consider the best bargains to appear in the newspapers and magazines.


You can also think about listing your property down in an auction or organize one on your own property. In this way all the interested buyers are gathered at one place and then you can start taking bids for your property and the competitive environment can sometimes ensure that you get a higher value for your property then you had originally planned therefore resulting in an increase in your profits. Also as all of the people gathered at the auction are there to purchase property you can also save up on the extensive advertisements costs that you would have incurred if you had advertised in the newspapers or on the internet.

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