3 Options to Sell Your House Faster in Today’s Market

It is no secret that the housing bust over the last few years has left many homeowners without options. Banks are making money hand over fist and the normal Joe is left trying to make the mortgage payment without a job.

It is a sad situation that unfortunately is necessary to correct the bad buying cycles and heyday of the last several years. However, if you are in this situation, it is a very tough time to be a homeowner and your choices are limited even if you are barely scraping by and making your mortgage payments.

However, if the value of your home has declined as many have across the US, you are left with the decision to sell or continue to struggle under the weight of your home. There are things you can do to sell your home more quickly depending upon your situation.

1. Lease Purchase Option – One option you have at your disposal is to lease your home with the option to buy. This gives you some ability to control your own destiny depending upon the amount you owe and the monthly payments you make. Essentially, you can rent your home with the intent of selling it to the new tenant with an agreed upon purchase price. They make your monthly payments to cover most if not all of your mortgage and agree to buy the home in a certain time period.

2. Short Sale – A short sale can be an option to many if the bank is willing to negotiate the amount left on the mortgage. Short Sales are becoming more common across the country as homeowners struggle with their debt and look for a way out. Banks who will take less than what is owed to get rid of the property will consider a short sale as a way to unload the asset.

3. We buy houses – You see billboards, yellow sings on telephone posts with the common phrase “We Buy Houses”. This is the marketing tactic of the home investor or cash buyer. If you have a home in trouble, these investors provide a service that may be of interest depending on your situation. As with any business, there are good and bad people who make a living at buying homes for a discount so caution is recommended when calling one of these numbers.

In summary, you home is supposed to be the American dream but over the past few years the market has turned on the homeowner. As of this article, the market is recovering, but may be too late for those who are on the edge. Selling your house fast may be the only way of relieving the burden of an unwanted home and starting over.

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