3 Not So Typical Tips to Help Sell Your Home Faster!

In an ever changing market it doesn’t hurt to take a creative approach to selling your home. This article is geared towards a savvy and unique approach to selling your home. Being creative can not only save you money but it also ensures that your home will stand out to potential buyers. You never know what might trigger a consumers decision to buy,so don’t be afraid to go for it.Here are three unique ideas to help you sell your home:

1. Let’s Make a Deal – Its time to get your banana suit on and start negotiating! In a market dominated by foreclosures and short sales, today’s consumers want to make sure they get a good buy. The number one question I get asked on showings is “Do you think this home is a good deal”. Understandably most sellers are not able to compete with the bargain basement foreclosures. That being said, sellers need to show potential buyers the value of purchasing their home. Make a list of all the improvements you’ve made over time and highlight the costs. If you are willing to concede a piece of furniture (buffet, pool table) make sure it’s communicated loud and clear to sellers (make a sign) If you can’t afford to replace the carpeting, offer a “new carpet allowance” of $2,000. Most of us know that it costs more than $2,000 to carpet a home but the idea upfront cash is very appealing. One client of mine actually had a carpet sample from Home Depot. They placed in on the living room floor and we made a great sign that said “wouldn’t this carpet look great in here?” You can also offer allowances for new appliances, paint, garage doors etc… there are a ton of possibilities! Also consider offering to pay for the buyers home inspection. This shows that you are very confident in the property which to buyers conveys value. I should mention that certain types of financing limit the amount of seller concessions. A qualified Realtor will be able to help with this..

2. Point the way – One of the best tricks I’ve learned is to take picture frames (remove photos of course) and use them to highlight points of interest around the house. For Example: New granite counter tops, Jacuzzi tub, etc… Not only does it look nice but as buyers tour the home, it allows them to find an focus on the best parts of the property (which hopefully will draw their attention away from certain things you don’t want them to notice) Its quick, cheap and works surprisingly well! Something major that people forget about is: location,location,location! Sellers assume that a buyer is already aware of the neighborhood because they somehow found the property. We often forget to think of the 15% of buyers who are from out of the area and may not know about the excellent schools or great shopping. Go to the chamber of commerce and get some visitors guides and put them on display- it’s free! Also work with your Realtor to make a flyer highlighting all of the features of the area and get creative! Mention schools, community events, proximity to tourist attractions, parks and recreation, low crime, low taxes etc… Think of all the things you’ve enjoyed while living in the home. You never know what a potential buyers motivation might be. Lastly as a complement to your take home flyer, create a small index-size map card, that shows a snap-shot of the homes in your area that are active or sold. It will “point the way” back to your house. The idea is to pull comparable listings that make your home look favorable- and appear to be the best deal in the neighborhood.

3. Post it, Blog it, Upload it – There’s no denying the impact that the Internet has had on real estate. The latest data estimates that 85% of people start there home search online. So how do you make your home stand out in a sea of single-family listings? Make sure you have excellent pictures. That is your first impression and it counts big time! Hire a professional photographer if you have to. There are some virtual tour companies that charge under $100 who will come in and take high quality photos for you. I can’t stress this enough. If you ask most buyers what drew them to a property 90% of them are going to say something similar to “it looked really nice online”. Once you have your pictures squared away make sure that you and your agent are on the same page about social media. Blast out the listing on your Facebook and make sure your Realtor does the same. Make sure you post on Craigslist (trust me it sill works), Backpage, Kijiji and any other online classifieds you can find. Put your home on YouTube. Create a 3 minute sideshow and take a second to talk about the property. You never know who might be looking. Tweet about it and make sure to mention it to your office mates, church group and bridge club! Ask your agent what other types of media outlets they have. Our team has top ranking websites, free seminars and radio shows where we feature listings.If you are interested in speaking with me about more creative options or how I can help you sell please contact me.