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24 Home Care Tips

Whether it’s your first home or your fifth, every new home buyer is unique. But something all new home buyers have in common is a desire to care for their new home. The following home care tips are offered by New Home Builder Orleans Homes as a service to the community. These home care tips are offered as part of the home buying information offered by Orleans Homes. For more information, check out the complete list of Home Care Tips from Orleans Homes on the Orleans Homes website.


Remove ice from roof and gutters

Change filter on heater

Clear drains of mud and debris

Reduce heater by 5 degrees to save up to 30% on heating

Install energy efficient lights to save electricity and money


Weed and feed lawns, especially in early spring

Open hose lines when the danger of freezing and frost is gone

Clean smoke detectors and change carbon monoxide batteries

Keep window weep holes clear of dirt and lubricate as necessary


Re-install screens if they were removed

Water lawns as necessary and required

Clean gutters and drains of any dirt and debris

Change filter of air handler (heater)

Fertilize grounds with drought resistant mix and grub inhibitors


Remove screens and store them

Change filter on heater

Free gutters, drains and inlets of debris and lubricate as necessary

Winterize irrigation systems, where applicable

Check and clean smoke detector and carbon monoxide batteries

Fertilize lawn with winter mix

Maintain caulking and grouting in all areas to avoid water damage

Fill-in low spots around house foundation to ensure water drains away from house

Service heating and air conditioning systems

Drain and flush water heater

A new home buyer who follows these guidelines will be well prepared to keep and maintain a quality, cost-efficient home.

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